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Our Services

Dog Walking on a Sunny Day

Dog Walking

Walking your dog includes: fresh water, treats and food, one on one attention, exercise consisting of walks, runs or playing fetch. We give plenty of love and affection, and we do rubbing belly’s for elderly or dogs with special medical condition. Photos and updates are sent via text or email after each visit. We offer 10, 15, 20, or 30 minute walks. Customized plans are also available, as well as puppy visits.

Sleeping Dogs

Overnight Care

It is stressful for your pet when you are leaving.  They can sense it the second they see the suitcase!  We have found that more and more people love when a trusted person stays in their home when they are away. We feel that way ourselves!  We believe that your pets are more comfortable in their element and territory. We will stay at your home to care for your pets. Just provide an instruction list of everything we should know and we will do the rest!

cat resting

In-home Visit

We will visit most types of pets including; doggies, kitty cats, guinea pigs, birds, fish and bunnies!  

Kitties receive fresh water, food and treats.  We change/clean the litter box, and provide love and affection! Playing with your pets will give mental stimulation. We don't want your pet to be bored! All kitty visits are tailored to your cat's needs by providing personal and specialized attention.

Guinea pigs, bunnies and birds all need feeding and fresh water daily.  We will also clean their cages as directed.

Fish - daily feeding. 

You can also leave an instruction list for visits!

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